Working Face Communication and Control System

The underground Alarm/Broadcast/Communication platform, integrates the programmable logic control, emergency stop and protection, voice communication, and data acquisition function.








The system is used in underground coal mines working face, by integrate the programmable logic control, emergency stop and protection, voice communication, and data acquisition function, to perform the communication, signaling, and control of Longwall Shearer, AFC, Hydraulic Ceiling, Stage Loader, Belt Conveyer, Pump Station, and Power Supply Station as well. With the Profibus-DP or Ethernet, the system can further be connected into Mining Automation system.









  • Emergency Stop on working face
  • Sequential interlock between the belt conveyer, stage loader, AFC, and longwall shearer. The shearer startup after transportation system runs up, and stop to slice and move once the transportation system stop.
  • Shearer is interlocked with Spray Pump, which is the one of the startup condition of shearer.
  • Power supply system is interlocked with Gas Monitor system.
  • Control mode: Auto, Local, Test, and Inching
  • Local operator has the top priority to shutdown system in case there is any accident happened.




  • Value of Voltage, Current, and Temperature, Run/Stop status, Fault and Alarm. The parameters is displayed on local screen.
  • Prestart warning when startup of Belt Conveyer, AFC, Stage Loader, and Crusher.
  • Belt Conveyer control and monitor: real-time monitor to the Belt-Conveyer, operation status and parameters of the conveyer can be checked as request, as well as the start/stop of belt conveyer can be conducted through the system.




  • Control all equipment in the working face according to the operation program.
  • When switch to the Test mode, interlock is abolished, the Crusher, Stage Loader, and conveyers can be operated separately.
  • Set control parameters on working face site.
  • With Inching control function, the individual devices can be controlled to inching.
  • Once an Emergency Stop pushbutton in working face or conveyer line is pushed, the voice alarm will be broadcasted, and the position that the pushbutton was pressed will be displayed on control system screen both underground and aboveground.
  • System connection cable uses 8 wire cable with screening, connector is made by stainless steel, and can reach IP67 protection degree.
  • The control unit has a LCD display, can displays characters, images, and animation to shows the operation status.
  • Backup input for further connection of belt conveyer and other protection interlock signals.
  • Along with the belt conveyer, deployed voice warning speakers for Start/Stop, Interlock, and Protection.
  • The system has self-diagnostic function, can display the fault of control unit modular,communication line, sensors, and broken or short circuit of cables.
  • Integrated Voice, Interlock Signal, Digital Communication, and Power Supply with 8 wire rapid plugin cable and U type connector.
  • All input terminals are suitable for both signals of Switch, NO or NC, or Analog.
  • Power supply: AC 127V (Tolerance -50%~+50%)
  • Loud-Speaker, ≥110dB
  • Standby for 72 hours without power supply.Arrange one loud-speaker with interlock function per 15m in working face, and connect each other with 8 wireAnti-Pulling Screening Stainless-Steel Rapid Plugin Cable. On the Main End of equipment (AFC or Belt Conveyer) installs Intelligent Loud-Speaker with localOn/Off control function to ensure that the equipment can be controlled locally. The control unit is installed on power station located on service train close tothe working face




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